Let’s order food

Hello everyone,

This post is going to be a fun one. I can just tell it. Have I ever mentioned that I am a foodie? If not, yes I am foodie. My  best friend is one too. We like to experiment with food a lot. Half of those experiments have been successes while the other half, not so much.

When we were in school and college, due to limited money available our experiments were not that large scale. But, during college farewell, we decided to treat ourselves. So, we went to this posh restaurant in the middle of the city. After getting seated and ordering a starter, the conversation went like this:

(Waiter brings the starter, in a beautifully decorated tray with chicken pieces in the middle and exotic vegetables surrounding them and serves them to our plate.)

Me : I’m hungry and I’m not going to wait for you. I’m gonna start

Friend : Go ahead, you cavewoman

Me : Really? Cavewoman? I don’t think they ate from ceramic plates surrounded by music and wine.

Friend : Hehe(having distracted me, she took a bite)

Me : you..you traitor(*takes a bite*)

Friend :(*with mouth full of chicken*) Aweeesssome

Me : (*speaking between chewing*)  The food is other-worldly

(people stare at us as if we are other-worldly)

Friend : (*clears throat*) So, how was your day?

Me : (*maintaining an air of poise*) Why thank you, it was great. How was yours?

Friend : (*sniggers*) This does not suit us

(we finish the 3 pieces of chicken each were served with and signal the waiter)

Me and friend : (*waiting*)

Waiter: What would you like next, ma’am?

Me : The rest of our starter, please.

Waiter : Ma’am, there is nothing left in your starter.

Friend : (*all thoughts of decorum gone*) What???

Waiter : Unless you want to have the vegetables

That was it. We paid the bill and got out form there, having paid the entire week’s food money on a single dish.

Another funny incident would be when we went to this newly opened Chinese place in our neighborhood. The place was normal and we ordered a Korean dish.

Me : This looks like schezwan.

Friend : Maybe it is complimentary when we wait for food.

(We both dug in)

After some time, I signaled the waiter,

Me : How much long will you take to serve our Korean dish?

Waiter : But, you just ate.

Friend : What are you talking about? That was the complimentary *schezwan* dish.

Waiter : That was you Korean dish, ma’am.

Me and friend : (*didn’t know what to say*)

So, this was another mishap.

We still laugh thinking about all those times. Nowadays, our entire food experimenting ritual has changed, thanks to smartphones and an app. That app is called TinyOwl. Some features of the app:

  • It is amazing app with mouth-watering show-cases of food.
  • TinyOwl lets you choose between displaying content according to dish or restaurants.
  • The app gives you lots of offers.
  • Real-time tracking of food is soon arriving.

You know what I like most about the app? When the app is first opened, the display in itself makes us fell hungry. They provide images of mouthwatering dishes:

Isn’t the owl cute? It makes me want to order dessert, somehow.

And also, oh man! The inside of the app can provide foodgasm to any foodie.

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I’ve ordered a lot of times via this app. It features an abundance of dishes and covers an array of restaurants. Recently, on our Independence day we ordered this. It is called Tiranga rice and they offered us special discounts on it. The dish was so apt to the day.


Want to enjoy a new way of food ordering? Download the TinyOwl app from here:

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

Enjoy your food and have a great day!


Bold Step to Start a New Life #StartANewLife

Hi every one and hello fello bloggers,

I am going share one of my real life experiences with you today through this post. This experience which I am going  to be sharing with you describes how I started a new life on a new day by taking a bold step.

This bold step has helped me in more than one way. So, coming to the experience that made me start a new life, it goes on like this. I had a close friend. Our friendship was very thick. We were long time friends. I was the same to her too . Or at least I had been thinking and believing that. I used to confide almost everything to her. There was nothing that we did not do together as school children.

We used to comment about the teachers together. We used to eat together. We used to do our homework and our various school assignments and projects together. We used to spend our summer vacation together.

Now, our friendship was going smoothly. Then, one fine day  during a break during class hours, I was searching for my friend. I was thinking where had she gone? She never goes any where without telling me.

As I was searching for her, I saw her with another girl whom  I have never seem before. But, that new girl was wearing our school uniform. That must mean that the new girl belonged in the higher secondary section of our school.

As I went near them, I noticed that they were taking in hushed tones. Wondering what on earth was going on, I stood near them, waiting for their conversation to get over.

Then, I heard my friend bad mouthing some one. When I listened closer, I realised she was talking about me. She was not only talking behind my back but she was actually talking bad about me. She was telling things about me that were not true.

I stood there shocked. I could not believe my eyes and ears. I did not know whether to cry or to get angry.

Firstly, I got away from there. Then, after thinking coolly, I realised one thing.  I had become too dependent on my friend.

I decided to change that. I did not need a back stabbing friend. I went straight to her and told her that our friendship was over. She acted as if she did not understand.

From that day, I have never looked back.

I got new friends. I never became completely dependant on another friend. But, I still did and do have good and loyal friends. They restored my faith in friendship.

This is the bold step I took. I thought I could go through my school years without a familiar friendship. And I did.

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See you soon,

The Chennai Writer.

Together with Friends

Hi every one,

I hope you are having a nice day. I am back to blogging now. I took a break because I had my exams. You know that we students in India have exams before the summer vacations start. I marks the end of our academic year and these exams are very important for that academic to be successful. These end of the year exams are necessary for us to complete the class and get promoted to the next one.

Understandably, me and my friends were under a lot of pressure during these days. When the exams got over, we wanted to let off steam and wanted to spend a day together. So, we packed a picnic and planned to go to a nearby beach.

Chennai has many famous beaches like Marina beach, Besant Nagar beach. We wanted to get away from the city and its pollution. So, we planned to go to Mahabalipuram. Many of you may not know about Mahabalipuram. It is a town near Chennai. It has a rich cultural history.

It has various monuments and sculptures that are world famous. It is also famous for sea food.

So, the bottom line is we had planned to go there for time off. It was weekday. We planned it on a weekday because we did not want much crowd and also we were on vacation.

One of my friends had a driving license. So, we took her car and made her drive. We were all very excited. We started from Chennai in the morning. The sun was hot at this time, but it is how the sun is for the majority of the days in Chennai. So, we were all kind of used to and had expected it. And, the sun did not spoil our mood.

We were en route to Mahabalipuram in our little car. We were on the OMR. OMR stands for Old Mahabalipuram road and is one the famous routes for going from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. It usually has lots of traffic. But, as it was a weekday, the road most mostly free.

We went from the OMR to ECR( East Coast Road). Now, ECR is situated far away from the city. It is lined with the Bay of Bengal on one side. So, we were on the ECR, when it happened. Our car broke down.

That’s right, our car broke down. We were stranded in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Nearby, there were just a few shops selling snacks to the road travelers. We did not know what to do.

My friend called her Dad and he said that he would someone over to check the car and help us, but it would take time. Our picnic plan was ruined.

Then, one of my friends came up with this brilliant idea. What if we did not reach Mahabalipuram? she said. We can have our picnic here. We were encouraged by her idea and we to a canopy of trees nearby with the lunch we had packed and had our picnic there.

This moment spent together with friends filled me with motivation and optimism for the future.

Things do not always happen the way you want. But, still you can have fun in every situation if you optimistic.

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See you soon,

The Chennai Writer.

My Home

So, prompt from daily post was to write about a person or a thing we miss the most when we are away from home.

The thing I miss the most when I am away from home is my room. I love my room. When I am home, I spend most of the time in my room.

I have changed my room according to my tastes. I have even changed the color of the walls. I have stuck various posters of my favorite football team on them(which my parents don’t like!!)

Most of the times, my room is just a mess. But, I know my way through it. I am the only one who does. When it becomes very messy, I try to clean it.

Thus, I miss my room whenever I am away. A five-star hotel room cannot compare to my room.

See you soon,

The Chennai Writer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Sweet Home.”

Hello world!

This is my first post. I am a blogger from Chennai. I’ve started this blog so that I can explore the various opportunities blogging offers, improve my writing skills and my vocabulary, thereby learning  new things.

I’m also here to meet people with same interests as me. So, you can expect at least two posts from me each week. I hope I will become a good blogger over time.

See you soon,

The Chennai Writer