5 Things I Love About Chennai

As you would have guessed by now, Chennai is my home town. It is where I was born and was brought up. I absolutely love Chennai. What is not there to love about it!!

Here are the five things in which Chennai is the best :

  1. Beaches – Chennai is very famous for its beaches like marina beach, Besant Nagar beach. Marina beach is the second largest beach in the world. The beaches here are the favorite hangout of old people, young students, couples, and everyone.
  2. Safety – Chennai is very safe for girls. You can go out and come back safely.
  3. Colleges – Chennai has a lot of colleges. It has an IIT, best engineering colleges, art colleges and medical colleges.
  4. IT Companies – Chennai has a lot of IT Companies. It is a major hub in the software industry in India. All the big companies are here.
  5. Jobs – People come from all over the state looking for jobs to Chennai. And, they most surely get a job here.

These are the best things about Chennai.

See you soon,

The Chennai Writer.