Favorite Character hIstory in Harry Potter series

I simply can not seem to let go of the Harry Potter memes by Uncorked thoughts.

This post is about my favorite character history in Harry Potter series.

My favorite character history would be that of Sirius Black. Here is why,

Born in a family of Slytherins, he became a Gryffindor for his valiance. He refused to follow Voldemort when his whole family did. He was ready to do anything for his friends. He became an animagus for his friend.

He went to prison and retained his sanity, when all others could not. He wanted to revenge his friends’ death by any means.

He was always there for Harry Potter. This is why Sirius is the best.

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The Chennai Writer.


Favorite Place in Harry Potter series

Following with the memes by Uncorked Thoughts, this post is going to be abut my favorite place in Harry Potter.

My favorite place in Harry Potter is Diagon Alley. Let me tell you why. We all love to go to shopping. Now, imagine shopping with magic and for magic.

You can find a lot of things in Diagon Alley – pets, chocolates, icecream, potion, and even wands! You can meet your friends there. You can shop for your favorite and fastest broom stick.

You can also got o a bank where the money is in gold and it is stored in dungeons.

This is why Diagon alley is my favorite place in Harry Potter series.

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The Chennai Writer.

Favorite Book in Harry Potter series

So, I found this great Harry Potter meme from Uncorked Thoughts and I’m having a great time.

This time, it is about favorite book in the Harry Potter series.

This one’s hard. Let me see

First one – introduced us to the characters and had a great plot

Second one – was even better with added characters and a thrilling story

Third one -gave us the story of Harry’s parents’ death

Fourth one – Interschool tournament with magic

Fifth one – Good vs. Bad Groups, love stories

Sixth one – Lead pairs and an ultimatum

Final one – Good triumphs over bad

So, it is really hard to decide which book was the best. Which would be yours? Let me know.

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The Chennai Writer.

Worst Harry Potter death

This is sort of a blogging meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts.

In this post, I am going to share about the worst Harry potter death.

Harry Potter was filled with deaths. Right from the start, Harry’s parents died. Then, Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Fred Weasley, Tonks and Lupin. Out of these all, the worst one is Fred Weasley.

That death affected me the most. That is because, the Weasley twins were my favorite characters in the book. Imagine spending the rest of your life without someone who was with you even before you were born? It is unimaginable right?

That’s why Fred’s death is the worst.

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The Chennai Writer.