Let’s order food

Hello everyone,

This post is going to be a fun one. I can just tell it. Have I ever mentioned that I am a foodie? If not, yes I am foodie. My  best friend is one too. We like to experiment with food a lot. Half of those experiments have been successes while the other half, not so much.

When we were in school and college, due to limited money available our experiments were not that large scale. But, during college farewell, we decided to treat ourselves. So, we went to this posh restaurant in the middle of the city. After getting seated and ordering a starter, the conversation went like this:

(Waiter brings the starter, in a beautifully decorated tray with chicken pieces in the middle and exotic vegetables surrounding them and serves them to our plate.)

Me : I’m hungry and I’m not going to wait for you. I’m gonna start

Friend : Go ahead, you cavewoman

Me : Really? Cavewoman? I don’t think they ate from ceramic plates surrounded by music and wine.

Friend : Hehe(having distracted me, she took a bite)

Me : you..you traitor(*takes a bite*)

Friend :(*with mouth full of chicken*) Aweeesssome

Me : (*speaking between chewing*)  The food is other-worldly

(people stare at us as if we are other-worldly)

Friend : (*clears throat*) So, how was your day?

Me : (*maintaining an air of poise*) Why thank you, it was great. How was yours?

Friend : (*sniggers*) This does not suit us

(we finish the 3 pieces of chicken each were served with and signal the waiter)

Me and friend : (*waiting*)

Waiter: What would you like next, ma’am?

Me : The rest of our starter, please.

Waiter : Ma’am, there is nothing left in your starter.

Friend : (*all thoughts of decorum gone*) What???

Waiter : Unless you want to have the vegetables

That was it. We paid the bill and got out form there, having paid the entire week’s food money on a single dish.

Another funny incident would be when we went to this newly opened Chinese place in our neighborhood. The place was normal and we ordered a Korean dish.

Me : This looks like schezwan.

Friend : Maybe it is complimentary when we wait for food.

(We both dug in)

After some time, I signaled the waiter,

Me : How much long will you take to serve our Korean dish?

Waiter : But, you just ate.

Friend : What are you talking about? That was the complimentary *schezwan* dish.

Waiter : That was you Korean dish, ma’am.

Me and friend : (*didn’t know what to say*)

So, this was another mishap.

We still laugh thinking about all those times. Nowadays, our entire food experimenting ritual has changed, thanks to smartphones and an app. That app is called TinyOwl. Some features of the app:

  • It is amazing app with mouth-watering show-cases of food.
  • TinyOwl lets you choose between displaying content according to dish or restaurants.
  • The app gives you lots of offers.
  • Real-time tracking of food is soon arriving.

You know what I like most about the app? When the app is first opened, the display in itself makes us fell hungry. They provide images of mouthwatering dishes:

Isn’t the owl cute? It makes me want to order dessert, somehow.

And also, oh man! The inside of the app can provide foodgasm to any foodie.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve ordered a lot of times via this app. It features an abundance of dishes and covers an array of restaurants. Recently, on our Independence day we ordered this. It is called Tiranga rice and they offered us special discounts on it. The dish was so apt to the day.


Want to enjoy a new way of food ordering? Download the TinyOwl app from here:

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

Enjoy your food and have a great day!


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