Honey Diet – The Best Diet

Hello one and all,

How are you doing?  Hope you are faring well in this hot summer.

The cold winter season is fast approaching us. At this time, we like spicy and crispy foods. As a result of this we get what is known as the winter belly. We can also hide this winter belly with ease using various layers of clothing in winter.

But this facility is not available in summer. What kind of food do we like in winter? That’s right. Sweets and chilled drinks. They come along with their added carbs. All those ice creams, smoothies, milk shakes tempt us like crazy. This results in increased weight. To solve this we always use two words: crash diets. It takes all of our efforts to stick through with our crash diet. How many times have to tried to crash diet but all in vain? Also, we plan to work out a lot but eventually refrain from doing so because of all the sweat.

Often we all resort to the solution we always do. The Internet. We try to search if there is a way to reduce our weight and belly without the resulting dehydration and malnutrition. And what do we find there? More crash diets!

This time around, surprisingly, I found another diet called the Honey diet. This gave me some hope as honey is a very healthy and tasty food.

Honey is the sweeter and healthy alternative to the unhealthy sugar out there. It is also delicious and good for health as and when compared to sugar. Actually, honey is extracted from honey bees. A jar of honey consists of the labor of hundreds and thousands of honey bees. So, it is extremely valuable. Also it is very healthy to our body as it is prepared through natural means. Research also has proven that honey is good for health and our skin as compared to other sugar alternatives like sugar.


So, it is high time that we start taking a honey diet. One word of caution though : eating honey all day in all of your meals will not probably help you in reducing your belly fat and thereby your weight and your body mass index. You have to do it right. Eating honey at the right time might help you to reduce your belly fat and thereby your weight and your body mass index.

Honey is said and considered to be healthier than sugar because it reaches the blood stream slower than sugar and thus, does not spike blood sugar levels faster.

The best way to use honey is to intake it during the morning is a cup of lukewarm water. Make sure the honey is pure by checking if it raw and unheated.

Thus, the honey diet is easy, effective and stress free. You and I can always try it anywhere and anytime. It is good for health and does not affect it in any way.

For more refer – http://www.daburhoney.com/


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