Best Feature of The My Airtel App

Hello fellow bloggers and readers,

This is me again, The Chennai Writer, with another of my blog posts. This time, my post is going to be about something which I think is going to play a very important role in our phones. Interested in what I’m talking about? I am talking about the y Airtel App. I’m sure all of you would heard about the My Airtel App.

So yes this time, I am going to make a post about the features of My Airtel App. Before going to the key features of My Airtel App, I am going to write a short introduction about Airtel first for those of you who don’t know about it.

Airtel is a very popular company in India. It is known for its great offers, intuitive plans and customer oriented services. Airtel provides both prepaid and postpaid services. It can give you broadband, DTH, mobile and mobile internet data services. What’s best about all these amazing services is that all these services are offered at very cheap rates compared to others. There is always one offer or the other going on in Airtel. They give you very good cash backs also. Also, sometimes you get free data.

The main ting I would like to say about Airtel is that they have very excellent customer service. You can call or write to their customer service at time of the day or night, and they will answers your queries, solve your problems and take care of your complaints almost immediately. This kind of impeccable customer service can help us greatly in times of need.

The key features about My Airtel App that I think would best suit my lifestyle are as follows

1. Manage all your Airtel Services at one place.

That’s right. My Airtel App gives you the opportunity to manage all of your Airtel services at one place, that is the My Airtel App. Which means, your Airtel DTH Airtel Broadband, Airtel Postpaid phone, Airtel Prepaid mobile can all be managed on the app itself.

You can pay your bills for all the services on the app, track account usage history on the app, know the status of your service requests on the app and do much more.

2. Add your family and friends’ number

You heard it right. In addition to giving you the power and facility to manage all your Airtel services at one point, the My Airtel App also gives you the facility to add the numbers of your family members and the numbers of you friends in the app. This gives you the power to recharge for them too. So, now your friends and family will thank you.

3. Great offers on the app

The My Airtel App also gives you amazing offers like cash back, discount, free data and full talk time. You can avail all these offers by just downloading the app and using it.

These are the key features that I like about the My Airtel App. What are yours? Do share in the comments section.

To know more, click here –

Until next time,

The Chennai Writer.


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