Ek Nayi League – My Guesses

Hi every one,

How are you all? I am back with another of my blog posts. This blog post is going to be about “Ek Nayi League”. For a few days now, there has been talk about this new league, which is going to be introduced. We all are busy trying to guess what it is about.

In the videos related to this new league, former ace cricketer Kapil Dev is talking about how he is going to bring this new league and if you play it with your heart, you will fail. Kapil Dev is a former captain of Indian cricket team. He brought the Indian cricket team to glory by winning the Cricket World Cup back n 1983.

So in these videos, Kapil Dev is seen talking about how a new league is coming and if the sports players of India like MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Sania Mirza were to take part in it, they would be getting a Hit Wicket because they can not play this new league with their hearts.

What is Kapil Dev trying to imply in these videos about Ek Nayi League? What will kind of League will the players lose if they were to play with their hearts? Is this some sort of a brain game? Will you have to use your brain? So that if you use only your hearts, you will fail?

My guess for what this Ek Nayi League would be is this – it would be game show. I think it would be a game show where you have to use your brains and not your hearts to win. I am guessing the game show would involve a lot of quizzes and general knowledge questions.

Ek Nayi League would be a game show, where if you use your heart you will not be able to answer the questions asked properly. You would have to use your mind to answer them correctly.

This is my guess for Ek Nayi League. I may be correct or I may be wrong. But, I am very eager to see how Ek Nayi League shapes up.I am very excited for it too. It seems like an interesting concept and I will definitely watch it.

The presence of Kapil Dev in the show will make it much more interesting. Also, I hope they soon reveal what Ek nayi League is all about because I am very curious. I am curious to see if my guess about what Ek Nayi League is correct or wrong. I am sure many others are also curious. Do check out in the link provided below and leave your thoughts in the comments box below on what you think Ek Nayi League is about.

Until next time,

The Chennai Writer.

For more, visit – http://www.eknayileague.com/.


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